The first Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt of 2014: Is it a Chevelle? A Nova? NO!!!

Whenever a Hot Wheels model becomes a Super Treasure Hunt, it is thrust into the limelight.  The Toyota 2000GT Super in 2013 had collectors from all over the place googling a car they thought might be a Jag E-Type, only to get a quick education on the rich legacy of Japanese cars.

The same thing is happening right now.  I am getting such a kick out of reading posts about people finding the “Chevelle, or Nova, or whatever Super” when describing their finds.  They see what might be a Chevelle, or a Nova, and they see the letters “S-S” on the card, and they assume it must be something like that.

But it’s not.  Not even close.

What you are looking at is an early Chevy Opala, a staple of Brazilian roads from the late 60’s to early 90’s (and well beyond).  It has the Chevrolet name, the coke-bottle lines of the late 60’s Chevys, but it was made in and for Brazil.  The SS of course signifies a little more muscle, and of course you would need it if you had such large wide tires as is on the drag-racing Hot Wheels version.

Why do I care?  Well, I have been in my share of Opalas.  Having lived in Brazil for a couple of years, it was inevitable that I would spend a lot of time in Brasilias, Kombis, Fuscas, and certainly Opalas.  While I always felt my life was in my own hands on Brazilian roads, I felt a tad more safe in the Opala than in the back of a fusca (Beetle) and others.  (It was sitting in the back of the fusca with two other large dudes that made me realize how claustrophobic I am, and how I have never sat in the back seat of a 2-door car since, but that is a story for another time.)  So I have a bit of a thing for Opalas.

Look, if Hot Wheels released a Chevelle Super and every called it a Nova, I am sure a few of you would be bothered.  That is the case with the Opala, and I am sure my proud Brazilian brothers would agree.  Let’s let Brazilian cars have their day.  We have the Super this year, as well as the debut of the Brazilian Charger.  Oh, and no country has one more World Cups.  That has nothing to do with anything but I love reminding myself of that joyous fact.

Viva Brasil!!

Now go look up the Opala and learn a fun-fact or two, then go get that spectacular Super TH

Hot Wheels Chevrolet SS (Opala):

2012 New Model:

2013 Basic

2013 Basic with rare white PR5’s

2014 Super

A Chevelle (in case you are wondering):

4 Replies to “The first Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt of 2014: Is it a Chevelle? A Nova? NO!!!”

  1. Hello, 1st: I'd like to congratulate you for the stupendous website, I love all the info provided here… Secondly I'd like to know where did you get the info about the Chevrolet SS with white PR5. I really don't find this anywhere else. Even well-known blogs and websites don't show it up! Can you please reveal what are your references to that? thanks!

  2. PR5? Where did you find this info? I’ve never found anything about this wheels variations except from here! please give us your references!! Thanks!

    1. Back then the variation was found in Walmart 3-packs, and was reported by several people on the old HWC website. But my best reference is me, because I found a couple as well.

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