Early First Look: 2013 Hot Wheels 2014 Corvette Stingray…

Well now this is fun…

Thanks to our friends at Camaro Garage from Indonesia, we now have our first good close-ups of the brand new Hot Wheels Corvette C7 Stingray.  While released in the first batch of 2014, this is a holdover from 2013, the last new model released for the year.  And here we finally get a sense of how it looks.

It is hard for me to do a full write-up on it, as I like having it in hand as well, but looking at Camaro Garage’s photos I have to say it looks great.  Large-rear-wheel-itis persists with this one, but that is expected, and it does not look out of place.  The red looks great, and unpainted black wheels is always a treat.

We will look forward to seeing this one in person, but it is sure to be a hit…

Hot Wheels 2014 Corvette Stingray (2013 New Models):

17 Replies to “Early First Look: 2013 Hot Wheels 2014 Corvette Stingray…”

  1. This has earned my dollar, no question. Pretty darn good looking for the price point!

    To answer the question above; this would not be in the cases for Kmart collector days at all. That was 2013 Q (or 'QK' to be precise) case. Ha well if you're in North America, however long it takes a slow boat from Malaysia to reach our shores I suppose?

  2. they have already hit some countries in Europe, like Czech republic and Germany. I am eagerly waiting for that Corvette here in Spain.

    Hope i am not dissapointed…

  3. Looks stellar! Awesome shade of red, killer black wheels and full front and rear tampos. Matchbox, learn something from your blue blooded brother!

    – Black Wind.

  4. Just picked mine up today, I didn't even know it was out until I saw it at Fred Meyer. It really is a stunning car. Btw I am in Washington state, so they are in the US!

  5. The Hot Wheels 2014 Corvettes already arrived here in Puerto Rico. I already have mine !

    Jose M., from Puerto Rico

  6. I bought two HW 2014 Corvettes: one for myself, and I donated the other one to Toys for Tots for a needy child. On this Christmas, a needy child will receive from me a brand new HW 2014 Corvette ! Good thing that there is Toys for Tots !

    Jose M., from Puerto Rico

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