Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Jetsons Capsule Car, Datsun 620, COPO Camaro, and other models from 2014 Batch A…

A quick trip around Facebook uncovered this photo, which may be the first photo of Hot Wheels 2014 Batch A, with some leftovers from 2013.  Obviously the 2000GT and Datsun 620 interest us the most here at Lamley, but we imagine that Jetsons flying car will generate a little curiosity.

2014 might be a very interesting year.  What do you think of what you have seen so far?

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  1. Some of these colorways are 2013 releases. I found them last weekend in WNY.

    Chevy Gasser
    Beetle 'vert


  2. Sorry Aussie friend, if anything you folks should have them before we do given your proximity to the factories!

    I would certainly consider myself a Matchbox collector before a Hot Wheels collector, all the flames, taller rear wheels, and psycho color combinations aren't really my thing, (though that could be said about Matchbox nowadays?) but that said I am quite looking forward to most the cars in that batch, the 2000GT, the Datsun pickup, and somehow I can't explain it, but I really want a few of that Jetson's car! Nevermind Japanese cars are entirely absent from my 1/1 scale car collection. Oh, and I'll grab one of the bumper car just because.

  3. The Datsun, 2000GT, Bump Around, and Bel Air Gasser are definite purchases, and I'll also get the WRX STI TH and a Jetsons car if they don't get snatched up before I get to the pegs/dump bins/whatever. The Mustang, Camaro, and Hiway Hauler 2 are also possible purchases.

    Also, Hot Wheels needs to stop putting stupid wheels on the Beetle convertible. In fact, they need to stop with the “graffiti cars in the mainline” and “colored wheels on realistic castings” nonsense. How many people seriously collect graffiti cars? If they really have to have graffiti cars available for each model year, just pick out some fantasy cars, make a 5-pack, and be done with it.

  4. OOh! I cannot wait to get my hands on the 55 gasser, Pagani, 2000 GT, Datsun 620, and VW beetle. You know, they should come out with a 58 Edsel.Don't you agree?

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