First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Morris Mini…

There are quite a few of you who have been curious about this one.

The Hot Wheels Morris Mini/Mini Cooper has been around since 2000, and has gone through a few changes since.  It started with a metal body and metal base, and the body was actually removable.  Since then the body and base has been modified to stay sealed to each other*, and the last few released have had a metal base and plastic body.

*Correction!  The body is removable:

So it is nice to have a solid premium version again, at least to see the Mini in all its glory again.  It is the newer version, that cannot be opened, but the base and body are metal, and the model is truly a looker.

With the Retro Entertainment Series, sometimes it is all about the model’s connection to the movie or TV show it represents, like the Back to the Future Delorean or Scooby Doo Mystery Machine.  For me, I prefer the models that end up being great looking versions of great looking cars, like the Miami Vice Ferrari GTS4 and the upcoming Ferris Bueller Ferrari California.  Whether or not they are associated with a movie, the models are plain fantastic.  I have never seen the original Italian Job, but you better believe I will be collecting all colors of the Mini.  The model is clean, the wheels are perfect, and there is no doubt this casting will ever look better.  Between these and the 2005 Treasure Hunt, I am good…

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Hot Wheels Morris Mini (2013 Retro Entertainment – Italian Job):

3 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Morris Mini…”

  1. Are you sure it cannot be opened? A guy on youtube opened his and you can even see the little switch on the last photo.

  2. Yeah, there is a lock slider on the muffler that lets you take the body off. The newer versions have semi-spring loaded switches to keep the body from just popping off as easily as the original just had a slider.

  3. You probably need to edit this statement as well under the 2nd pic. “It is the newer version, that cannot be opened, but the base and body are metal, and the model is truly a looker.” As it's removable

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