The Error Report: My error finds the last two weeks, plus the ’92 BMW with a Skyline interior…

If you follow the Lamley Facebook page, you know that I try to post quick iphone photos of what I find in my travels.  Sometimes it is a Super, other times a new model, and others a cool error or vari.

Many of the errors and vari’s I am showing today I have posted on Facebook, but a few I haven’t.  That is because I found five errors tonight at the same store.  That is one of the largest error hauls I have ever had.  Thank goodness Ms. Lamley Group sent me to the store for some mango.

Tonight’s finds?

Here you go…

No tampo

Reversed wheels

Front 5-spokes


BMW with Skyline interior

Now about that BMW error.  This was reported found a couple of weeks ago by a member over at HWC.  You know it is the wrong interior by the fact that it has a front rollbar.  No one had figured out what interior it was, so since I found one tonight I took a look.

It is impossible to see in the photos, but it is in fact the interior of the Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X.

I got lucky and found two.  (If you are interested, there is one on ebay.  It is not mine…)

Those were tonight’s finds.  Here is what else popped up in the last couple of weeks:


All-large wheels

And some variations…

Clear red wheels

All-small clear red wheels

Orange chrome-lipped wheels

White PR5’s

And lastly, the OH5 2002

My guess is I don’t have a run like this for awhile.  I got a little lucky…

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