First Look: Hot Wheels ’64 Chevy Nova Station Wagon (along with its Chevelle counterpart)…

What is it about wagons?

I absolutely love wagons, and I know I am not alone.  My relationship with wagons is a long one.  I was carted around in two different station wagons as a kid.  The first a Ford, looked something like this one:

And the second was an ’84 Mercury Grand Marquis that looked exactly like this beauty:

I still love those wheels.

Like many of my fellow Generation X’ers, we take an enormous amount of pride in our memories of pre-SUV rides in the back-back while Dad would hit the brakes and send us rolling practically to the front, smacking our heads on the back of the driver and front passenger seats.  Those boats were bitchin’, and we all knew it.  The Gran Marq eventually became my ride in high school, and trust me, it was one cool car.

So yes, there is that.  Wagons are in our DNA.  But then there is the other thing – wagons look awesome.  The proportions just seem to align in all the right ways.  A good wagon is peace and harmony.  Beauty and function.  Complete feng shui.

I remember the moment my love for wagons was truly established.  In the mid-90’s I was visiting a nearby Audi dealership in Curitiba, Brazil, just down the street from where I lived.  The sport wagons sitting on the lot just looked far cooler than everything else I saw there.  I had never thought of a wagon as a sports car until that moment.  From that point on, I dreamt of owning a sporty wagon of some sort upon my return from Brazil.  Alas, college, marriage, and a job that gives me a car has squashed that dream for now, but my love for wagons has not waned.

But I can collect mini wagons!  Matchbox has been the group that has done it right the last few years (Audi RS6 Avant, Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, Cadillac CTS Wagon, even the Cadillac Hearse), but Hot Wheels has come on with a vengeance.  The Chevelle Wagon, the imaginary GTO Wagon, and the best of the bunch, Jun Imai’s Datsun 510 Wagon.

Well Hot Wheels has followed those up with another dandy, the ’64 Nova Station Wagon.  I have absolutely no connection with this car, other than the fact that it is a wagon, so I am all in.  The model is an absolute stunner.  It captures the lines of the real thing, but adds that nice Hot Wheels modern flare: lowered, slanted forward, and dressed in a fantastic attention grabbing color.  I have been critical of some models sporting large rear wheels when they don’t have to, but in this case I much prefer them.

This model is bound to be very popular, and I cannot blame anyone for gobbling up a few.

If you want, gobble up a couple along with the rest of Batch F at Wheel Collectors, and get 10% off when you mention Lamley…

Hot Wheels ’64 Chevy Nova Station Wagon (2013 New Model):

Hmmmmm…why did I think of the first issue of the Brasilia when the Nova arrived…

The last two magnificent wagons

Well, why we are here, how about another wagon issued this year that we haven’t shown here.  The Chevelle Wagon is nice, but this Mooneyes version is just full-on the bee’s knees.  Why not show it with its wagon cousins…

Hot Wheels ’70 Chevelle SS Wagon (2013 Mainline):

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  1. I love that ’84 Mercury Grand Marquis photo. I remember that car as a child. That wagon was a V8 beast! I also remember the strange seat configurations.. Same color and everything. Nice one.

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