First Look: Hot Wheels Flying Customs Sheriff Patrol and ’73 Ford Gran Torino…

Before we jump into Basic Batch F tomorrow, I thought I would throw up these two gems from Flying Customs Batch B.

Those of us who are old enough remember the Sheriff Patrol have to be VERY happy to see this one in the lineup.  It is strange how much I remember this car from childhood.  I must have had three or four of them.  All destroyed in high speed chases.  To me this is the best of this batch, and so far the best of what we have seen of Flying Customs.  I just hope we see it on the pegs, as it appears Batch A is not selling very well.

I also wanted to show the ’73 Ford Gran Torino together with its Hot Ones counterpart from last year.  Another winner that I hope collectors can find.

If you want them now, find them at Wheel Collectors

Hot Wheels Sheriff Patrol (2013 Flying Customs):

Hot Wheels ’73 Ford Gran Torino (2013 Flying Customs):

8 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Flying Customs Sheriff Patrol and ’73 Ford Gran Torino…”

  1. A mix flew off the shelf when they first appeared, then wally restocked with A mix and they are now peg warming. I bought my Sheriff Patrol through an online retailer so that I don't have to depend on the stores getting them. I'm doing the same with Boulevard and other series.

  2. The first mix is scarce around here, most stores that got it only have maybe one or two left.

    I'm still trying to figure out what's up with the hood scoop on the Torino…


  3. One question, do all of you who buy these series take the cars out of the blister? I have my mainlines cars out of them and would love to build a display case for them, but what about cars from series like this one, speed machines, cars of the decades, garage, etc?

  4. I'm a bit late on this post, but I search for this model for years, I have the metallic blue one that came with a sto & go police station, also the Firetruck, Ambulance and Mini Truck that came with each set, and they are quite damaged so I wanted new ones, it's nice to see that they are in line, even with different paintjobs, but as I have seen in some sites,it's quite expensive(around $5) and not only it would be costly to have them due I want few units of each, but I'm also not from USA, so I would have to pay a lot of money… 🙁

  5. It was a custom Torino and the 70s some thing front end with four head lights lol I loved them all I’m Jon g from pa the best years of my life was grade school and on the play ground with my hot wheel case and the dirt around them tree roots out back of school I’m the hotwheels car salesman lol there’s no deal till you deal with fast talker johnny lol . I like them customs and I think hot wheels should do more of the 70s and 80s styles again in new paints and wheels I would pay the money for a sweet hot wheels if it was like the ones I had as a kid . But today’s hotwheels I think there is a lot of junk on the pegs and just dumb castings I loved the hot rods and lifted trucks growing up and still do and if I was a kid I would not want a toaster hot wheels with bread sticking out the top now a 69 rt charger umm in 4th grade lunch would of been the talk of the lunch room man them hot wheels went fast down the hall way of my grade school lol them was the days .ill never forget the teachers face my Dixie challenger with the flag on top went under his door and did a wall two wheel door burn out lol I said it was my car I’m sry he took my car I had to have my mom come and get it for me after school what a bad guy he was then lol I remember drawing hotwheels on the chulk board 56 high tail hauler orange with black bikes and blue with yellow bikes we pulled the bikes out and had dirt bikes in the mud it was a blast of a child hood with hotwheels in my hands the motor sounds I made sounded like 440 with cherry bombs lol or cannon going off keep bringing back the old cars

  6. Keep them hotwheels safe and untouched from the weather and heat and water and your holding on to TIME STAMPS . THANKS FOR ALL THE HOTWHEELS MEMORIES

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