Model List: Matchbox Classic Seagrave Fire Engine

We are going to try to create what you might call an unofficial reference list here on the Lamley Group blog.  As I have said many times, I don’t collect everything, but if there is a model I really like, I become a completist of that model.  I want every version and variation.

Well I thought I could start compiling Model Lists of these favorite castings.  So every few days you will see a new Model List appear as a separate post on the blog.  I will also create a link to that Model List on the right-hand sidebar down below.  Whenever a new version or vary appears, I will add it to the list.  Each week I might post what lists have been updated.

So it won’t be a complete checklist of every model that Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Tomica and other brands have produced, as there are plenty of sites dedicated to that.  But it will feature a large amount of popular current castings.  I will enjoy doing it, I hope you enjoy perusing it.

So let’s start with a recent model:

Matchbox Classic Seagrave Fire Engine

2012 1-120

2012 Everett Marshall Charities Golf Tournament Exclusive

2012 MC Gathering of Friends Dealer Exclusive

2012 ???

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